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Hello there, we're


An apparel & home goods brand.

Midwest Made. Clothing, for all bodies. Women + Queer Owned.

Hangry Hippos started as a quest to create with our hands. We started out making well designed apparel we wanted to wear. Turns out you wanted to wear that sh*t too.

*apparel, hats, stickers, cards and whatever else we come up with.

Our Ethos
Hangry Hippos

Superfly & supercomfortable.
Clean modern designs on incredibly-comfy apparel that feels like you’ve had it in your collection for years.

Made by us.
Our t-shirts, sweatshirts and greeting cards are designed, screen printed, and packaged from our basement studio in Des Moines, Iowa. We work with trusted partners to create our hats and stickers. Keeping the production close to home allows us to ensure a quality product reaches your hands.

Clothing, for all bodies.
We believe the right shirt—changes the way you feel, the way you stand, and the way you take on your day. We try to create goods that inspire and empower ALL bodies, no matter your gender, body type, or size. Goods that give you that boost of confidence to be your marvelous self.

"My Favorite Local, Women-Owned Company."

-Rachel P.

Meet The Team


Cassie is a co-owner, lead designer and screenprinter for Hangry. She has a love for comfy, clever tees that is only matched by her love for donuts. If you're turning without using your signal, congratulations! You've won yourself the title of Cassie's archnemesis. ;-) Currently reading The Anthropocene Reviewed by John Green.


Stacy takes care of all things marketing & operations as co-owner here at Hangry. Dark chocolate, Extra toasty Cheez-Its & coffee are her jam. Her archnemesis? Anyone eating popcorn within a 15 foot radius. LOUDEST. FOOD. EVER. If you've binged every episode of the West Wing .... you're likely long lost BFFs.


Eleanor is the Vice President of Security here at Hangry. Her disdain for squirrels can only be matched by the dreaded mailman. Hot dogs, barking and tennis balls are her jam. Currently snoring belly up on the couch.