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    Quality goods that honor the resilience, kindness & creativity of the Midwest.

    Hi! We’re Cassie and Stacy, co-founders of Hangry Hippos, a Midwest brand committed to creating quality goods that honor the resilience, kindness and creativity of the Midwest. The idea for Hangry Hippos started quite simply as a creative outlet. A way to flex our creative muscles outside the constraints of our day-to-day life. We found ourselves hunting for apparel that reflected the pride we hold for our Midwestern roots and came up empty handed. So we decided to create our own. We designed the shirts we wanted to wear and turns out you wanted to wear them too.

    Did you know we actually MAKE many of our products? Well we do! All our products are designed and packaged right here in Des Moines, Iowa. We screenprint our t-shirts, sweatshirts and greeting cards in our basement studio, cut and assemble our own banners, and work with trusted partners to create our hats and stickers. Keeping the production close to home allows us to ensure a quality product reaches your hands.

    As Hangry continues to grow, so has our vision and product offering. From tees to hats to stickers … and beyond. At the core of every Hangry product is our passion to create quality, well designed goods. To bring the old school Midwest mindset into the landscape of today -- Where a hello awaits everyone you meet. Where neighbor is the only label that really matters. Where a side of ranch accompanies every meal. Regardless of where we go next, that mission will remain the same.


    Meet The Team

    Cassie is a co-owner, lead designer and screenprinter for Hangry. She has a love for comfy, clever tees that is only matched by her love for donuts. Currently reading to Shake the Sleeping Self - self growth here we come!

    Stacy takes care of all things marketing & operations as co-owner here at Hangry. Dark chocolate, Extra toasty Cheez-Its & coffee are her jam. If you've binged every episode of the West Wing .... you're likely long lost BFFs.

    Eleanor is the Vice President of Security here at Hangry. Her disdain for squirrels can only be matched by the dreaded mailman. Hot dogs, barking and tennis balls are her jam. Currently snoring belly up on the couch.

    Tangney Design Co.

    Do you need a new brand identity, website, illustration campaign or packaging design? You're in luck! In addition to Hangry, we also run our own design studio.

    As business owners ourselves, we understand how to leverage design to attract your target market. This experience helps us ensure that we build you a BRAND that positions YOU as a leader in your market.

    From logo design, right through to your website. We know all these components intimately and how they fit together in an evolving technological landscape. We’re obsessed with helping businesses grow through smart and effective strategy generating real, measurable results.

    If you'd like to learn more about working together you can reach us here: